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Sarah Carson



Agent: Park Artists Group


Television (Selected)


Make A Wish

The Married Life

My Haunted House
If Girls Were Social Media

Saboteurs Anonymous

Series Regular

Series Regular

Series Regular

Guest Star
Guest Star
Guest Star

Maderfilm Productions/Kenneth Mader

Maderfilm Productions/Kenneth Mader

TCD Studios/Christina Birdsall

Lifetime/Patrick DeLuca
Wing Girls/Miranda Russo

TCD Studios/Bruce Whitten

* Won recognition 21 times in 24 film festivals in which selected to screen

FILM (Selected)


Whispers in the Night



Like Father, Like Son

Supernal Darkness
Dog Park

Mind Blown

Wolf Mother






Good Kids Productions/Rosario Carozzolo

Monpra Productions/Monish Prakash

Maderfilm Productions/Kenneth Mader

Song Productions/Jacky Song
Avail Entertainment / Steve Macario

Vanity Fair/Liza Mandelup

Heartfelt Productions/Lovie Johnson

Stepping Stone Prod./Jade Jenise Dixon

ABC/Christian Sesma

Riding Hood MP/Erik Peter Carlson

* First place in 26 European film festivals. Dialogue in English

Training  (Selected)

Master Class Drama & Comedy
Comedy Master Class
Improvisation (1)

Accents And Voice Study

Commercial Training


Bryn Mawr College

Harvard Business School

Howard Fine

Scott Sedita

Josh Simpson

Bob Corff

Killan McHugh




Howard Fine Studio

Scott Sedita Studio


Corff Voice Studio

Killian Casting Office


Honors In Philosophy

Strategic Planning

* One of first women to obtain

Special Skills

Accents: English, Irish, Russian, Boston, New York, Southern.  Yoga, Ballroom dancing. Local hire in New York, Atlanta and New Orleans.

Special Life Experiences:

Harvard Business School Faculty


Senior Vice President of a major bank


Private Investigator

President of local chapter of ACFE*


Mediation Teacher

Grain Farmer

Culinary Artist


Asst. to Secretary for International Security/US Defense Department

Mngr. of New Product Development/International Design Company

Collaborator with FBI and IRS on  investigations

Financial manager and investor

18 years training

Meditation teacher (43 years)


Indian Cuisine

* Association of Certified Fraud Examiners

My Favorite Things...


MUSIC: Country


COUNTRY ARTISTS: Miranda Lambert, Kacey Musgrave, Toby Keith, The Band Perry


BOOKS: Epics (many I have to read in English Translation) like The Odyssey, Mahabarata, The Ballad of El Cid, War and Peace


POETS: Ezra Pound, Kathleen Raine


FILMS: The Crying Game, The Bond Films with Judi Dench as "M", Winter's Bone, The Imitation Game, Nebraska


ACTORS: Kevin Spacey, Judi Dench, Ellen Burstyn, Glen Close


TELEVISION SHOWS: The Good Wife, The Americans, House of Cards, Justified


ANIMALS: Dogs, Cats and Horses


COLORS: Red, Blue and Purple

My Journey as an Actor...

     ...officially began in June of 2013 when I enrolled in an acting class.  Several years earlier  I realized that I was close to the age my mother died, and I started to ask myself what would I want to do with the rest of my life I was not doing now.  Up to that time, I had been an executive, and then the owner of my own business, and, oh yes, had a private investigators license in New York and California.


That summer I was invited to speak at a local alumnae event on career choices, since I was one of the first women graduated by the Harvard Graduate School of Business and the first Bryn Mawr (my college) graduate ever to attend.  During the networking prior to the talks, a woman approached me and introduced herself as an actor.  “You should become an actor,” she said.  “They like your look, and, in your age bracket, there is not the competition as in younger age brackets.”


Her remarks were funny at the time.   I come from a home where I would have gotten a warmer reception to the announcement that I was going into prostitution. However, in the months that followed, I could not get her comments out of my head.  The creative activities I had pursued prior to becoming a business woman (18 years of training on the piano and song writing) where I had originally thought to return to in my final phase of life seemed like “lonely” pursuits, and God knows, my life choices have made me a loner a great deal of the time.


Since starting down the acting path in 2013, I have executed the full check list of steps to becoming a working actor: dramatic scene study,, comedic acting study, audition training, improvisation training, fabulous head shots, demo reels for comedy and drama,  an agent and a manager,  writing and producing my own project to become SAG eligible and creating projects in which I can showcase my acting ability.  This last project led to a television pilot that has been accepted into 23 film festivals and won recognition in most.


Acting has been an exciting and fulfilling and fun ride even as it has been challenging how to fit it into the life I already had before taking up this pursuit.  I work it pretty hard, as I don’t know how much time I have left.  (I am a lady of some maturity as you can gather from my pictures.) I also am so inspired by the lovely young actors I am now privileged to meet.  How much worldly success I have pursuing this craft is not the point of this endeavor for me.  The joy is in the doing of it.